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Teeth whitening in Franklin Square

It’s easier than you may think to transform your teeth from stained to their normal bright color. At The Gentle Dentist, we even give you a choice. You can have it done right here, or take advantage of our take-home treatment to get more gradual, but equally good, results.

At our Franklin Square dental office, whitening solution is applied to your teeth by our cosmetic dentist. For the take-home version, the whitening solution is dispensed by whitening trays that you’ll have on your teeth. They’re custom-made to fit you perfectly, and they need only stay on for about two to three hours in the evening, though depending on your unique circumstances, you may be directed to wear them overnight instead. It can take from two to three weeks to get the desired outcome at home, after which you will come back to our Franklin Square dental office to have the effects assessed. You may prefer home whitening so that the changes to your smile will not be so noticeable as they would be when done in one fell swoop. In both instances, however, what matters most is that the impact of our treatments is significant. You may have wondered about the products that you see on store shelves and whether they’re any good. Typically, those items don’t give you the same dramatic difference that we can provide. Also, some of them have abrasive ingredients that pose a threat of harm to your tooth enamel, while ours is 100% safe.

The loss of whiteness due to varying factors such as tobacco use, coffee and tea, berries, curry, soy sauce, and more can leave you feeling awkward about your smile. Get back to feeling positive again. Schedule a visit to our Franklin Square dental office right now and let our whitening treatments give you back the look you want.

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